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Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General - on the Democratic Republic of the Congo [scroll down for French version] | United Nations Secretary-General

Image - United Nations Office of the Spokesperson of the Secretary-General The Secretary-General strongly condemns the attack, on 5 February,  against a helicopter of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO). The helicopter came under fire while travelling from Beni to Goma, North Kivu province, resulting in one South African peacekeeper killed and another severely injured. The crew managed to land the helicopter in Goma.   posted by friends:   (2) @UN_News_Centre: .@ antonioguterres strongly condemns the attack against a helicopter of @ MONUSCO . He recalls that attacks against United Nations peacekeepers may constitute a war crime under international law. Full statement:… 06.02.2023 00.48.47 @UN_Spokesperson: .@ antonioguterres strongly condemns the attack against a helicopter of @ MONUSCO . He recalls that attacks against United Nations peacekeepers may constitute a war crim

5 rules for social media usage for your kids

Social media is a way of life for many teens + even some tweens. Here are 5 rules to share with your kids before they start posting, uploading, or sharing online. #socialmedia #parenting — Common Sense Media (@CommonSense) August 29, 2019

Responsive mobile website and mobile site differentiated In this video, Jake discusses the differences between responsive website technology & its predecessor - the mobile site. It's possible to argue persuasively to clients, why to upgrade as well as more clearly understand the overall topic of web development — Rocket Driver (@Rocket_Driver) August 30, 2019

Modern Mobile web development with pwa redefined

Forbes: Redefining Modern Mobile Web Development with PWA: — Chrome Developers (@ChromiumDev) May 17, 2017

How @homeaway uses streaming platform to transform travel.

Chief Architect Rene Parra & Director of Cloud Engineering @phirsave manage double-digit billion messages per day with @apachekafka Streams. Watch the video to see how @homeaway uses a streaming platform to transform travel. — Confluent (@confluentinc) March 25, 2018

Interview tips for cloud engineers.

Do you want to be a cloud engineer? Here are few interview tips to land a cloud engineering job. #cloudcomputing #cloudengineering — Manipal ProLearn (@manipalprolearn) December 30, 2018

What can You achieve through roof top farming?

The Big Apple. Literally #farming #gardening #nyc #newyorkcity — Evan Kirstel (@evankirstel) August 21, 2019

Parenting tips from Comedian Katherine Ryan.

Comedian Katherine Ryan discusses careers, success and single parenting. @KathyBurke @Kathbum #KathyBurke continues tonight 10pm — Channel 4 (@Channel4) August 20, 2019

Four Lessons You must learn as a parent.

Parenting is a process. Discover how to have conversations and interactions with your children that match God's long-term goals for the family --> — Paul David Tripp (@PaulTripp) August 22, 2019

How to start today.

Start by doing 1 push up Start by drinking 1 cup of water Start by paying toward 1 debt Start by reading 1 page Start by making 1 sale Start by deleting 1 old contact Start by attending 1 event Start by writing 1 paragraph Start today Repeat tomorrow — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 22, 2019

What You must never waste?

Be careful about your time. Remember, time wasted is time you will never get back. #business #success #leadership #tech #entrepreneurship — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 20, 2019

Why We should all support entrepreneurship?

"Entrepreneurship is the fastest path out of poverty. It is the social solution to so many of the issues that face our society." Why do you support entrepreneurship? — Kauffman Foundation (@KauffmanFDN) August 14, 2019

Thinking of Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is a long journey that needs you to focus, be resilient and have patience. Never attempt to give up; resolve in your heart that whatever time it takes, you must and you will succeed. #AskKirubi — Chris Kirubi (@CKirubi) August 22, 2019

Is leadership everyone's responsibility?

Leadership is everyone's responsibility. — SMART Leadership (@SMARTLeadershi1) August 16, 2019

How to control ripple effects in your class.

“The teacher who is interested in controlling ripple effects can generally do so best by giving clear instructions to the child rather than by exerting pressure on him.” Psychologists drew that conclusion decades ago, and it still holds true today. — edutopia (@edutopia) August 16, 2019

Are You Creative?

Creative people: 1. Easily bored 2. Risk takers 3. Color outside the lines 4. Think with their heart 5. Make lots of mistakes 6. Hate the rules 7. Work independently 8. Change their mind a lot 9. Have a reputation for eccentricity 10. Dream big — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 19, 2019
School counselors are just one part — but an important part — of a system that ensures students have excellent educational experiences. #SchoolCounselorsMatters — The Education Trust (@EdTrust) August 19, 2019

How to enhance your business survival.

Transitioning leadership team members is important to ensuring that your business continues to run smoothly. Wondering how to do it? Here’s some advice from Mike Reid of WD Co-Auto. @EOSWorldwide #EOS #leadership — Kevin G. Armstrong (@kevingarm) August 18, 2019

Some of the best #parenting moments come when you coach your kids past their #fears & help them realize just how strong they truly are. #cbtworks — Mark Egan (@MarkEga55800911) August 12, 2019

Want to be a good leader?

To be a good leader, “be the last to speak” by @simonsinek #leadership #Entrepreneurship #FF @Startup_Nerd @MotorcycleTwitt @ValaAfshar @MHiesboeck @kuriharan @MarshaCollier @TamaraMcCleary @AmandaRay02 @NevilleGaunt @annemariayritys @helenbevan @Tiffani_Bova @terence_mills — Alvin Foo (@alvinfoo) August 9, 2019

Steve Jobs speaks on leadership and vision.

Steve Jobs about leadership and vision. "The greatest people are self-managing, they don't need to be managed. Once they know what to do, they'll go figure out how to do it. What they need is a common vision. And, that's what leadership is." #SteveJobs #Leadership #Vision — Growth Hackers πŸš€ (@StartGrowthHack) August 15, 2019

How to practice active listening.

5 Tips for Active Listening #leadership #communication — Kerry Alison Wekelo (@kerrywekelo) August 14, 2019

7 valuable lessons from the pursuit of happiness.

Top 7 valuable lessons from The Pursuit of Happiness: 1. Protect your dreams 2. Be positive and earnest 3. It's never too late to start 4. Define your strategy 5. Persistence and perseverance 6. Never give up on your dreams 7. Be willing to improve — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 15, 2019

Is Your Phone making you to ignore your kids?

Is your phone making you ignore your kids? This is an important issue you should really take seriously. full video: #christianity #parenting — Kevin Conover, MA (@EducateForLife) August 13, 2019

Great and Easy ways for Potatoes gardening.

A great and easy to follow #tutorial on potato #gardening . — ResslerManiac (@ResslerManiac) August 10, 2019

Do You want Your Children to get great job?

Want your children to get a great job? Let them play more. — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 10, 2019

How to grow spinach

How to grow Spinach in home Please watch this video and share your comments for the video. #gardening #Garden #GardensHour #vlog #YouTube #youtubechannel #Subscription #Sub4Sub #SouthKorea #SouthCarolina #SouthAmerica — Nethaji Joshua (@Nethaji27) August 6, 2019

Plants that add fragrances to your garden.

Horticulturist and #gardening expert Brian Minter shows us his plant picks for adding fragrance to your garden this summer! — Breakfast Television Vancouver (@BT_Vancouver) August 8, 2019

Parenting as intervention for young peoples' mental health .

Professor Stephen Scott talks about using parenting as an intervention in young people’s mental health and future prospects. #mentalhealth #parenting #attachment — Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry (@TheJCPP) August 6, 2019

How to pick tech products that will help children with learning disabilities.

Today, 1 in 5 Americans has learning challenges - a difficulty with reading, math, social interaction, motor skills + more. Here's how to pick tech products that can help. #specialneeds #parenting — Common Sense Media (@CommonSense) August 5, 2019

Strategy for building better teacher-students relationship?

Show-and-Tell in middle school? A former Teacher of the Year @cicely_woodard shares why it works, along with five other best practices for connecting with her students—and improving her classroom culture. — edutopia (@edutopia) August 10, 2019

Why You should be the last to speak?

To be a good leader, “be the last to speak” by @simonsinek #leadership #Entrepreneurship #FF @Startup_Nerd @MotorcycleTwitt @ValaAfshar @MHiesboeck @kuriharan @MarshaCollier @TamaraMcCleary @AmandaRay02 @NevilleGaunt @annemariayritys @helenbevan @Tiffani_Bova @terence_mills — Alvin Foo (@alvinfoo) August 9, 2019

Do You Know where You are going to?

“Do you know where you’re going to?” Setting a vision and letting all your team know why, how and what you need to do to get there is an important first step on your leadership journey #leadership #vision #leadershiptunes #thereluctantleader — thereluctantleader (@thereluctantldr) August 9, 2019

How to create and use your core values.

"Core values are important, clear values pay dividends... here are a few keys to effective core values." #c12 #greaterpurpose #leadership — C12GreaterPHX (@C12GreaterPHX) August 8, 2019

Are You prepared to support Children with learning disabilities?

Only 17% of teachers feel prepared to support students with learning disabilities, a new report finds. Here’s what teachers can do. — edutopia (@edutopia) August 9, 2019

How to Help Students with learning disabilities.

Students with learning disabilities often have incredible strengths that are easy to miss. Here’s how teachers can help students reach their full potential. — edutopia (@edutopia) August 7, 2019

Amazing Demonstration of team work.

Amazing demonstration of #teamwork . Working together creates exceptional results. #startup #Entrepreneurship #leadership @Startup_Nerd @ravikikan @FrRonconi @NevilleGaunt @AmandaRay02 @LollyDaskal @enricomolinari @diioannid @kuriharan @MikeQuindazzi — Alvin Foo (@alvinfoo) August 6, 2019

Tool that will help you figure out the problem that you are solving.

The Problemeter: A sheet that helps #startups solve the right problem: via @marcbegins “Your main objective early on is to figure out what problem you are solving and if its worth solving.” This spreadsheet can help you figure that out. — Nichole Elizabeth DeMerΓ© 🏳️‍🌈 | B2B SaaS (@NikkiElizDemere) August 4, 2019

Can We reform our educational system like Singapore? like s

Singapore will no longer compare students' performance to each other. Education is about progress, not exam results. #education — Vladimer Botsvadze (@VladoBotsvadze) August 3, 2019

How to create lasting scientific competencies in girls.

A study revealed that 70% of 6-year-old girls draw a female scientist, but only 25% of 16-year-old girls do. Here are some ways to create a lasting impression of scientific competency in girls. — edutopia (@edutopia) August 3, 2019
Do you know how to leverage your personal ‘Why’ to inspire and motivate others? Based on my experience, I’ve got some advice and tips for you to consider. Hope it helps! @cooperlearns #suptchat #YourWhy #leadership #teacher — Jeff Rose (@DrJeffRose) August 1, 2019

What is your calling?

What's your calling? Do you know your purpose? (via 2014 Time Person of the Year and Ebola Survivor, Dr. Kent Brantly) #FaithAtWork #FaithAndWork #Leadership — Lytle Center for Faith and Leadership (@LytleCenter) August 1, 2019
“Some kids think faster than others, but that doesn’t mean that the kids who aren’t as fast don’t understand.” This instructional strategy encourages more children to participate in class discussions. πŸ‘ — edutopia (@edutopia) August 1, 2019