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Shane's Five invariant principles for dealing with people.

Here are 5 Invariant Principles for dealing with others: — Shane Parrish (@ShaneAParrish) February 23, 2021

What is your calling?

Your job is what you are paid to do. Your calling is what you were made to do. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) February 23, 2021

Data Science: Things you can do with Python

Things you can do with Python: - Web Apps: Django/Flask - Mobile Apps: Kivy - Machine Learning: Tensorflow/Pytorch - Desktop Apps: Tkinter - Blockchain: Web3 .py - Game Development: PyGame With all these information, I can say Python is a very Versatile language — Tomi Tokko (@TomiTokko3) February 17, 2021

Education: While everyone learns slightly differently

While everyone learns slightly differently, there are some similarities in the way our brains take in new information. Sketchnote via @tnvora thoughts by @BelleBCooper — MindShift (@MindShiftKQED) February 14, 2021

Leadership Studies: Who is in charge?

We are only in charge when we are willing to let others take charge. — Simon Sinek (@simonsinek) February 3, 2021