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Leadership: A great way to teach goal setting.

A great way to teach goal setting. #Edchat #Teachertwitter #K12 — WeAreTeachers (@WeAreTeachers) March 25, 2021

What to tell students who suffer from test anxiety?

NEW!! What to tell students who suffer from test anxiety. 24 strategies. #testanxiety #stress #teachers #students #studying #testing #education #ukedchat #edchat #learning #teachertwitter — Todd Finley (@finleyt) March 15, 2021


THE BEST LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: L = loyalty E = engagement A = authenticity D = dedication E = empathy R = respect S = servanthood H = humility I = integrity P = perseverance ~ @LollyDaskal #Leadership #Management — Lolly Daskal (@LollyDaskal) March 16, 2021

Ways to kill negative thoughts

Some have asked of ways to kill negative thoughts. Attack the thoughts with alternative ideas, like “No, I won’t die, I live” or “I can’t be poor, I am rich” or “I can’t be stranded. There’s a way and I will find it”. Sometimes, it helps to say them out loud. Go positive! — Sam Adeyemi (@sam_adeyemi) March 16, 2021

Stop Being A Prisoner?

"Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner." - Lao Tzu — Philosophy Tweets⚡️ (@philosophytweet) March 12, 2021

Why Startups die?

Startups dont die because they run out of money, or because of co founder conflict or because of lack of Product Market Fit. They die because people (founders, investors, customers, employees, partners, family) STOP BELIEVING. /thread — buggeroaf (BO) (@buggeroaf) March 12, 2021

Are You Striking The Balance?

Raising too much money, hiring too fast, etc. are fair criticisms of many startups. That said, the other side can be equally dangerous: bootstrapped founders who are so afraid of investors and so afraid of hiring that they're optimizing to own 100% of a company worth $0. — Chris Bakke (@ChrisJBakke) March 12, 2021

The challenge of leadership

“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak; be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy; be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” --Jim Rohn — Growing Leaders (@GrowingLeaders) March 7, 2021

Are You worried about what everyone thinks of you?

Greatness isn’t achieved by worrying what everyone thinks of you. Don’t look outside. The praise, criticism, expectations; it’s all just noise. Look inside to your heart and soul and do your thing. Do it with love and create greatness from the inside out. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) March 8, 2021

Are You Feeling Lost?

If you're ever feeling lost, set a short-term goal for yourself to #accomplish . — Brian Tracy (@BrianTracy) March 6, 2021

Why You get burnt out?

Remember your WHY today. Fuel up with purpose. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) March 3, 2021

Who do you surround yourself with?

Who do you surround yourself with — are they sources of #energy or drains of energy? @Sequoia_India ’s @singh_sequoia invites #startup #founders to think about this and offers his thoughts on why it’s important to protect your energy. — Surge (@_surgeahead) March 1, 2021

Data science: 15 BIG DISRUPTIVE IDEAS 2021

15 BIG DISRUPTIVE IDEAS 2021: 1 Deep Learning (AI) 2 Virtual Worlds (Gaming and AR/VR) 3 Digital Wallets 4 Bitcoin Fundamentals 5 Electric Vehicles (EVs) 6 Automation 7 Autonomous Ride-Hailing 8 Delivery Drones 9 Orbital Aerospace 10 3D Printing — Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) March 2, 2021

Web development: How to build the new Tweet payload

The new #TwitterAPI provides the ability to build the Tweet payload with the fields that you want. In this tutorial @suhemparack explains how to build the new Tweet payload and how it compares with the old Tweet payload in v1.1 👇 — Twitter Dev (@TwitterDev) March 2, 2021