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Top Story: Our App GGTS Business Library is out

Download our App GGTS Business Library and learn about #entrepreneurship #leadership and other life skills @ — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 31, 2022

Top Story: Do and Don't of leadership

Being a leader is not a trivial matter - Here are some do's and don'ts to help you achieve success along the business path. {Infographic} via @LindaGrass0 #Leadership #Business #Entrepreneurship — Linda Grasso (@LindaGrass0) July 29, 2022

Top Story: Turning trash into big cash

Top story: How Bill Gates-Backed Republic Services Turns Trash Into Big Cash , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 28, 2022

Top Story: 8 steps to a successful entity-first strategy for SEO and Content

Top story: 8 steps to a successful entity-first strategy for SEO and content , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 28, 2022

Top Story: How Authentic marketing is key to building loyal audiences.

Top story: How Authentic Marketing Is Key to Building a Loyal Audience , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 25, 2022

Top Story: @femigbaja: Back to class

Top story: @femigbaja : 'Back to class. In a leadership course at @Harvard @Kennedy_School . Forget the number of grey hairs one is never too old to learn, broaden or sharpen your skills ' , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 26, 2022

Top Story: Why Employee Mediations fail and how to get them on tracks

Top story: Why Employee Mediations Fail — and How to Get Them Back on Track , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 27, 2022

Unlocking potential, elevating stories: TEDinArabic hosts event in Amman, Jordan

In partnership with Qatar Foundation, TED hosts a TEDinArabic regional event on June 4, 2022, in Amman, Jordan. (Photo: Qatar Foundation) In the face of constant change, the world must unlock its full potential — human, natural and technological — to tackle challenges and shape the future. In partnership with Qatar Foundation, TED hosted a TEDinArabic regional event on June 4, 2022, in Amman, Jordan, featuring renowned TED speakers who shared their talks with a live global audience — all in Arabic — centered on the theme “Unlocking Potential, Elevating Stories.” The event was held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II, hosted by TV broadcaster Mais Nobani and attended by Her Excellency Sheikha Hind bint Hamad Al Thani, the Vice Chairperson and CEO of Qatar Foundation, and a number of dignitaries from Jordan, Qatar and Oman.  This was the second in a series of TEDinArabic regional events leading up to a flagship event in March 2023 in D

Apply to the TED Idea Search: Southeast Asia 2022

TED is hosting another idea search with a mission to hear big, bold ideas — this time specifically from Southeast Asia. Applications are open to anyone living in Southeast Asia or of Southeast Asian descent. TED Idea Search: Southeast Asia is now open Applicants are required to create a 2-minute video as a part of their submission. At this time, we are only able to accept applications in English. Additionally, applications without videos or applications with videos that exceed 2 minutes will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2022 at 11:59pm ET. If selected for round 2, you’ll be invited to a virtual event where you’ll talk more about your idea and participate in a Q&A with members of the TED community. From there, a smaller group of winners will be invited to give a TED Talk, either virtually or in person. Apply now Which countries are part of Southeast Asia? In contemporary definition, Southeast Asia consists of the following countries: Br

Why TED takes two weeks off every summer

Image is about to go quiet for the weeks of August 1 and August 8, 2022, while most of the TED staff takes our annual two-week summer holiday. Yes, we all, or almost all, go on holiday at the same time. (No, we don’t all go to the same place.) We’ve been doing it this way now for more than a decade. Our summer break is a little lifehack that solves the problem of a digital media and events company in perpetual-startup mode, where something new is always going on and everyone has raging FOMO. We avoid the fear of missing out on emails and new projects and blah blah blah … by making sure that nothing is going on. Here’s how TED’s founding head of media, June Cohen , once explained it: “When you have a team of passionate, dedicated overachievers, you don’t need to push them to work harder, you need to help them rest. By taking the same  two weeks off , it makes sure  everyone  takes vacation,” she said. “Planning a vacation is hard — most of us still feel a little guilty to take two

Top Story: Is it difficult to put the science of reading into practice?

Top story: Why Putting the 'Science of Reading' Into Practice Is So Challenging , see more — Gladstar Gifted and Talented School (@GladstarSch) July 21, 2022

Top Story: Unleash Your Organization 's Overlooked Talent

Top story: Unleash Your Organization’s Overlooked Talent , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 20, 2022

Top Story: Mandela's vision and our future

Nelson Mandela showed that each and every one of us has the ability – and responsibility – to build a better future for all. We can all find inspiration in Madiba’s vision and work to make our world more just, compassionate, prosperous, and sustainable. #MandelaDay — António Guterres (@antonioguterres) July 18, 2022

Top Story: The most important thing that You can creat?

Culture is not just one thing; it’s everything. Culture drives expectation and beliefs. Expectations and beliefs drive behaviors. Behaviors drive habits. And habits create the future. It all starts with culture. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) July 18, 2022

Top Story: Education for sustainable development - UNESCO

Top story: Education for sustainable development | UNESCO , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 16, 2022

Top Story: We know what we need to do -.Antonio Guterres,

Top story: @antonioguterres : 'We know what we need to do: End the senseless, disastrous wars – now. Unleash a renewable energy revolution – now. Invest in people and build a new social contract – now. Today I urged … , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 14, 2022

Top Story: Words of the day

Be strong enough to walk away from what isn't for you. Be patient enough to wait for the blessings that you deserve. — Law Of Attraction (@The_Secret_Law) July 13, 2022

Top Story: The Path to great Leadership

If you want to lead you must become someone who serves others. The path to great leadership requires service and sacrifice. — Jon Gordon (@JonGordon11) July 13, 2022

Top Story: 5 best practices for customer journey mapping

Top story: 5 best practices for customer journey mapping , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 10, 2022

Top Story: Fueling the next generation with children 's business franchising

Top story: Fuel The Next Generation With Children's Business Franchising , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 11, 2022

TED Courses are here! Introducing a new way to learn, imagine and grow

Attention curious thinkers, knowledge-seekers, dreamers and doers! If you have a love for learning, you’ll love this. From astrophysics to vulnerability, TED Speakers have taught us so much over the years. With lifelong learners like you in mind, we’re taking the informative power of the talk to another level. TED Courses are a new, interactive way to learn skills that matter from the speakers you love. Whether you want to improve your memory or tap into your imagination, each TED Course will give you a roadmap to turn ideas into action and help you jumpstart your growth journey. We invite you to join a community of people from around the world who will all learn with you, and see how your inspiration ignites and new connections take shape. Choose from our four-week long virtual courses to learn … How to nurture your imagination with Charlie Jane Anders and Wanuri Kahiu How to connect in a divided world with Dylan Marron How to become your best adult self with Julie Lythcot

Top Story: How Schools are tackling mental health issues

Top story: Schools Are Tackling Mental Health This Summer - WSJ , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 7, 2022

Invest in Children and Youth

Invest in Gladstar Gifted and Talented School: Provide vocational/technical training supplemented with soft skills for children and youth in Lagos.. Disclosure: — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 8, 2022

Top Story: High level Political Forum 2022

Top story: High-Level Political Forum 2022 , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 5, 2022

Top Story: Do you do these Three things?

Top story: @Maxwell_Leaders : 'Do you do these 3 things when you schedule your time? Let us know below with a ✅ if you are going to start implementing this strategy! #CLEARbyMaxwellLeadership #Pe … , see more — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 5, 2022

Top Story: Changes that will reduce Youth unemployment in Nigeria

Join me to demand this change!!! National Youth Skill Commission to replace National Youth Service Corps via @Change — Joseph Moshood (@jmgladstar) July 5, 2022

Top Story: 3 Pillars of all $1M+ businesses

3 Pillars of all $1M+ businesses; • Storytelling • Retention • Revenue This is how they work, Tell great stories, retain customers and get paid. — Ruben, CPA • Business Coach (@BizCoach_Ruben) June 30, 2022